Louisiana Council of Amateur Radio Clubs


Matt Anderson
KD5KNZ - State Frequency Coordinator
Matt currently serves as the State Frequency Coordinator and the Chairman of the Council. He works as a Telecommunication Specialties and is current focused on AM/FM broadcast, SCADA systems and Radio over IP (RoIP) networks.
Mike Decosas
KB5OZE - Region 1 Liaison
Mike has been an amateur radio operator for over 20 years. He is a member of the board for SELCOM and assists in maintaining over 6 repeaters in the New Orleans Metro Area. Mike has been involved in the amateur radio emergency services community since 1997.
Region 2 Liaison
Michael Robichaux
KC5OPK - Region 3 Liaison
Michael past President of the Thibodaux ARC and is currently the radio officer in charge of club's repeaters.
Fred Marshal
W5MLE - Region 4 Liaison
W5MLE currently serves as the Region 4 Liaison. Fred operates the W5NB EchoIRLP node in Lafayette, LA and the 147.00/60 repeater from Carencro.
Terry Partigianoni
W5TMP - Region 5 Liaison
Terry currently serves as the Region 5 Coordinator and is the ARES Region 6 District Emergency Coordinator.
Scott Wren
KD5DFL - Region 6 Liaison
KD5DFL currently servers at the Region 6 Liaison. He works as an RN Supervisor for the State of Louisiana and maintains several repeaters for the Amateur Radio Club of Central Louisiana.
Mike McCrary
WB5LJQ - Region 7 Liaison
WB5LJQ is an ARRL Life Member and Technical Specialist. He serves at the Region 7 Liaison and the system administrator for several DSTAR systems.
W5KGT - Region 8 Liaison
Kevin enjoys installing towers for fellow Ham's, building antennas, and working on repeater projects. He currently works for the Louisiana State Park System at Lake D'Arbonne State Park.
Tyrone Burns
N5XES - Region 9 Liaison
Tyrone is Life Member of the ARRL and the LCARC Region 9 Liaison.
Adam Tamplain
Board Member
KD5LEH joined the LCARC Board in 2015. He is the ESF#2 Communications Officer for St. John Parish Department of Public Safety and the Louisiana Region 3 ARES DEC.
John Mark Robertson
Board Member
K5JMR joined the LCARC Board in 2015. He is retired from the Louisiana State Police and currently servers at the ARES ASEC.



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